Friday, November 18, 2016

Did the New York Times Fake a Story About Disarray in the Trump Transition Team? Liberal Journalist Says “Yes”

By Nicholas Stix

Note that CNN’s Brian Stelter is calling for an adversarial relationship between the press and President-elect Trump. But the media were lap dogs for the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” all the way back to 2004. Plus, in “Obama’s” case, they respected the media tradition of granting the newly elected (or re-elected) president a “honeymoon.” They have violated that tradition with Trump, just as they did everything possible to sabotage his campaign, and now his transition, with more such sabotage attempts surely to come, once he takes office.


Anonymous said...

What's new?Rumor(or fiction)reported as fact on,all the now familiar,"news" outlets.
I decided earlier this week to stop watching Lesta and switch to CBS.It's quite a different style of news delivery than the "Negro Nightly News".More relaxed,less accusations,less political.I was surprised.The tone is much better than the biased reporters(Tur,Jackson,Mitchell,Welker)onthe Negro Broadcasting Company.I think--now that the election is over...I'll stick with Scott Pelley for a while.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Create the false image and make Trump and company refute the charge over and over. Occupy the President-elect with inane stuff so serious work cannot get done.