Thursday, November 17, 2016

Racial Socialist Novelist Joyce Carol Oates Has Turned the President-Elect’s Name into an Obscenity

[Of related interest: “Joyce Carol Oates’ Scorched-Earth Campaign for a Nobel Prize.”]


Anonymous said...

"Ironically, if killers of Michael Brown had been more humane, they would have called ambulance & body would have been quickly removed."

Joyce Carol is obviously not aware that a mob of enraged negroes at the scene surrounded either the paramedics or the funeral home hearse and did not allow for anyone to pass. The body of Mr. Brown was left where the man fell because his fellow negroes impeded the process of removal.

Anonymous said...

I bet Joyce Carol lives in a nice all-white community within an almost all-white city or town located in an almost all-white state. Vermont or New Hampshire perhaps.

Anonymous said...

I must admit Joyce Carol has a lot of talent. Kinda looks Jewish but is not so? Better even regardless of the political perspective for her to win the Nobel Prize for literature than Bob Dylan.