Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Media Evil: CNN Continues Promoting Hate Crime Hoaxes Against Trump Supporters, While Covering Up Real Hate Crimes Perpetrated by Black Supremacists Against Trump Supporters!


Anonymous said...

That Star of David is five point and not six as it should be? Five pointed start is a gang symbol. The dummies do not even know how to do their hoax correctly.

Anonymous said...

Notice the childish scrawl of most of the hate graffiti. Is indicative of a certain group so educational attainment is always quite low.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
Interesting to note that nearly virtually all these so called "hate crimes" are somebody saying somebody shouted something to me like: "Go home beaner", or graffiti of some kind. Despite the plethora of recording devices nobody ever has any visual or audio evidence. We know that the vast majority of this is just made up nonsense but the mainstream media is giving these liars hysterical attention.

Speaking of "hate crimes", still no word from FBI on who burned the Hopewell church. With no mainstream news I've been searching through social media and found a few local comments in which people are saying the main suspect is indeed a black man. I think the FBI is keeping mum until they are absolutely certain due to the "sensitive" race politics going on. They're sure not that sensitive when it comes to falsely accusing whites of racial bias though. A go fund me account has raised $210,000 to rebuild the church. I guess that race hoaxes do pay after all.