Monday, November 21, 2016

Worst Pope, Best Pope? (Photoessay)


Anonymous said...

Tell the Pope to take in a few dozen refugees to live in his summer palace.

The Pope when he visits can pray with them. We all worship the same GOD! Right?

Anonymous said...

The last time the Vatican was actually physically threatened was in 1944 during WWII when the French Berber troops threatened to storm the Vatican to get at the Italian women that had refuge inside. Perhaps the Pope has forgotten this.

And don't try to convert them Francis, they will convert YOU.

Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
The is one of the richest entities in the world. The Pope is essentially a CEO that will take no stance of promote any ideology that opposes the mantra of unlimited and endless economic growth. Any misgivings he might privately have about Muslim's invading Europe are overruled by the need for population growth, which is an essential tenet of economic growth. More people are more consumers, more workers, a broader tax base and potential souls to save that will tithe to the church. If a certain percentage are Muslims that will never convert then so be it, as long as the stock market is healthy the Vatican's investments stay strong and the shareholders are happy the church will accept that.

Of course a hundred years from now when Muslims become a majority and have gained enough power to outlaw the Catholic church the Vatican will regret it, but short term gain for long term disaster doesn't seem to be something the modern corporate world considers much.

I'd like to call the Pope a sellout but the Cardinals will only elect a Pope that has an ideology congruent with their economic interests, so maybe the Cardinals are the real sellouts. I do believe that self interest has usually been the main drive behind the Vatican's decisions in the past but at times individual Pope's might actually have some leeway to make decisions based on right or wrong or long term benefit. Those days are long past.