Sunday, November 13, 2016

Veddy Interesting: Compare This Electoral Map with This Crime Map


Anonymous said...

"Dat don't mean sheeet",said the exemplary black citizen,LaDarqius,"weeze STILL gona hit da streets and all dat."
"Si,my parole officer says'the crime rate goes up whereever I move my Mexican ass'",said one honest looking Mexican with 50 gang tattoos on his chest and back.
"I'm against Trump and in favor of blacks,Mexicans and Muslims taking over our country",said the brainwashed white guy named Trevor.
"That's what my professors all taught me at Yale.We have to be tolerant of other people and their views."
"But they have their OWN countries to live in",said a counter protester,after which,the exemplary black,honest looking Mexican and brainwashed white,promply took turns assaulting him into a pulp.
---The people we're up against,post election.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Blacks are the criminal class anywhere they are found, followed closely by the Hispanics.