Saturday, November 19, 2016

New York Daily News and Councilman Brad Lander Join Forces to Promote Transparent Hate Crime Hoax Against Trump Supporters; Lefty Haters Couldn’t Even Draw Proper Swastikas!



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Likelihood that it was a hate crime hoax? About 99.9%.

Most of the posters to Lander’s twitter line recognized the hoax for what it was.

Lander’s aggressive promotion of the hoax makes him the prime suspect, in my eyes, likewise with the Orthodox Jew who “discovered” a swastika in Crown Heights.

With all of the hate crime hoaxes committed by Jews of late, a lot of once sympathetic people are going to assume that it’s yet another hoax, when a Jew suffers a real hate crime.

Swastikas, 'Go Trump!' slogan deface Adam Yauch Park playground in Brooklyn

Adam Yauch Park was defaced with two swastikas and a slogan saying "Go Trump!" on Friday.
(Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images)

BY Ben Kochman
Friday, November 18, 2016, 6:43 P.M.

A Brooklyn park was defaced with two swastikas on Friday — along with the words, “Go Trump!”

City Councilman Brad Lander tweeted a picture of the hateful symbol spray-painted on playground equipment at Adam Yauch Park in Brooklyn Heights.

“Yet more hatred & anti-Semitism from Trump supporters,” the local pol tweeted, adding the hashtag #neverisnow.

Lander said the NYPD Hate Crimes task force and Parks Department were on the scene of the Columbia St. park — named after the departed Yauch, a member of the Beastie Boys — and that the swastikas would be painted over Friday night.

B train vandalized with swastika

The hate crime comes days after a prominent member of the borough’s Orthodox Jewish community reported a swastika spray-painted in Crown Heights. A straphanger also found the infamous Nazi symbol on a B train coming from Brooklyn on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx
How much effort are police even going to expend against this low level graffiti? They rarely ever catch the perps who do it these days, this despite the prevalence of street camera footage which makes it nearly impossible for someone to keep from being recorded if they so much as take a step outside. However, if police actually reviewed hours of camera footage (and canvassed neighborhoods) it would require a massive investment of man hours. And to what end? They would only discover that the supposed victims of these "graffiti hate crimes" are mostly perpetrated by the "victims" themselves. Then the blacks, gay groups, white liberals and media in general would completely lose interest in the story and the police are left scratching their heads as to why they went to all the effort. The police will expend the effort for a murder, kidnapping or maybe a high profile robbery but graffiti? And the graffiti writers undoubtedly know it. In fact, it's the supposed targets of this "racist" graffiti that benefit most from it, the "nazi's" or "Trump supporters" gain nothing.

After these graffiti incidents there are all these public forums with panels of blacks, gays, etc...all pontificating about the evils of whitey but if you listen to any of their rhetoric they are doing very little to pressure police to hunt these evil racists down. They really don't want the police to hunt them down, and certainly quickly if they do. It's the initial public outrage whipped up by the lamestream media that they feed off of, it validates them and gives them a reason to be, exposing these "hate crimes" for the hoaxes they are doesn't serve their agenda so they prefer to keep the identity of the perps in the realm of mystery and milk the hysteria as long as possible. That is why they don't really "demand" the police find these graffiti perps. IMHO.

All that being said, still no word on who burned the Hopewell church. FBI remains silent despite having viable suspects. Black community isn't publicly demanding the FBI find the perp, undoubtedly because they know it was one of their own that did it.

Anonymous said...

Might even be a gang symbol?

Anonymous said...

"They would only discover that the supposed victims of these 'graffiti hate crimes' are mostly perpetrated by the 'victims' themselves.

So called victims who indeed are the perpetrators themselves. The fact that the images seem to indicate a low-level intelligence person did the deed is enough to convince you that it is all a hoax. It is a business almost.

Anonymous said...

Either the swastika drawn poorly or misspelling or words a sure tip-off this crime was done by minorities.

Anonymous said...

"if police actually reviewed hours of camera footage (and canvassed neighborhoods) it would require a massive investment of man hours. And to what end?"

Correct. Crime was probably done by teens hired to do so. Even if you catch them the amount of money and manpower spent in catching the perps [if you can get them] is large compared with whatever conviction and sentence they get [if you ever do get a conviction and a sentence]. It does become a dollar issue.