Sunday, November 13, 2016

Mexican Murders White Cop: Evidence Showed that Killer Had Held Gun to the Head of Wallace, 53, and Pulled the Trigger Twice

By A Texas Reader

Stanislaus County deputy executed near Hughson; suspect caught in Tulare

"Man suspected of murdering Stanislaus County deputy sheriff Dennis Wallace is arrested after manhunt in Tulare County."

Mexican murders a white cop.


Anonymous said...

This happened in Joliet IL. years ago now. Gang banger shot the cop four times and then shot the cop in the head while the officer was laying n the ground. The bad guy spent twelve years in prison and then released. Justice they call it.

Anonymous said...

I bet the bad guy was an illegal. Don was and is right, wasn't he?


Anonymous said...

"his tattoos."

Identified by tats. A gang banger. Probably an illegal too.

“Justice will be done in this case.”

Don't count on it. Nothing short of death is justice.

Anonymous said...

The villain was on a crime spree. Even a purse snatcher. A totally depraved individual.

Anonymous said...

I never heard or saw this story anywhere else but here.I just posted a little essay on what my local TV stations are broadcasting--stories of white verbal insults against minorities since Trump was elected.Boo hoo.But murder of a white by a Mex--nothing.
--GR Anonymous