Friday, November 11, 2016

The Evolution of the Left: A Photoessay


Anonymous said...

My dumbf**k local TV station,WZZM actually had the "Love trumps Hate" theme for most of the year.Seems like we had some racial crimes going on (what's new?),a cop shot a black career thug one night,plus Trump was saying he was going to stop Muslims from coming in and VOILA!
The two news anchors were doing public service announcements cooing,"love trumps hate."
Not sure if YouTube has any of that content on it,but it was as blatant a political statement as I'd ever seen.No doubt who they wanted to win.Of course,now we see all the "love"being spread around in Portland,Seattle,Oakland,Chicago etc.
That's why there are cops in full riot gear in all those places.Whole lotta love.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

The far left wing of the Democratic party is full of these thugs. Anarchists and commie. That Democratic party of the union member is long gone.