Sunday, November 20, 2016

Letter from a Former President to a Future One, Almost 30 Years Ago



By Nicholas Stix

The letter was reportedly from December 21, 1987.

Seeing this reminded of the time, during spring training before Johnny Bench’s rookie season, 1968, when Ted Williams singed a baseball to him:
"To Johnny Bench, a Hall of Famer for sure."

And the parallel is stronger still: Today’s Democrats seek to drive Trump from office, if necessary by inciting his assassination.

(Bench had been up for the proverbial “cup of coffee” the previous September, but had hit only .163, and was still officially a rookie.)

It is no longer widely known that a man named Samuel Byck sought to assassinate President Nixon, and while he never got close to the President, Byck murdered two men and gravely wounded a third, in the attempt.


Anonymous said...

This Byck is totally unknown to me. NOT so much forgotten but even known in the first place.

David In TN said...

It's also pretty much unknown that Arthur Bremer, who shot George Wallace (who was paralyzed from the waist down) at a campaign rally in 1972, wanted to assassinate President Richard Nixon. Bremer traveled to a Nixon appearance but couldn't get through the security screen.

There are a lot of things most people have never heard of, aren't there?

Anonymous said...

I actually have a fear that one of these lefty Bolsheviks will try to kill Don.

They are talking about it right and left. Even if they don't do the act itself, that is what is in their hearts.

Anonymous said...

ABC News just released an update on popular vote totals..."Clinton stretches to 1.5 million lead."
These headlines are not released in a vacuum,nor are they released innocently.The purpose is of course,to rile up the left--those that see the popular vote as the REAL election results.Its purpose is to enrage those that feel Trump is not a legitimate POTUS,and ramp up the violence.
Does anyone NOT believe there are nutjobs out there--similar to the ones that shot police officers in New Orleans,Dallas and other cities--who are driven by frenzied media stories?The manner in which these stories are presented are not calmly done.They are read with venom and suggests to the viewer...Aren't you mad as hell about this?If you are--DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!
In reality,the popular vote is a NON issue.It never was important and never will be.So networks devoting time to it,are doing so with a premeditated reason to cause harm and increase hostility.Isn't that the same reason you can't yell fire in a movie theater?
Something for the FCC,Congress or the Supreme Court to think about.
--GR Anonymous