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Is the Alt-Right Dead? Is the Daily Stormer an ADL Front? Did CNN Lie About Richard Spencer and the Jews? A Ramzpaul Video

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Alt Right – RIP


Published on Nov 23, 2016

Donald Trump disavows the Alt Right after Roman salutes are featured at the NPI conference.


What is this “Roman salute” that Ramzpaul keeps referring to? Oh, the Hitler salute. In German, it is called “der Hitlergruß” (“the Hitler greeting”).

Some readers are bound to have noticed that I rarely write on the so-called Alt-Right.

That’s because it’s not a fruitful use of my time. For what should be obvious reasons, I do not identify with that appellation. Although I have relations that are anywhere from close to cordial to benign to some people who identify themselves as “Alt-Right,” and others who do not, but who are nevertheless very involved in the movement, as a Jew, there is no place for me in that rabidly anti-Semitic movement.

Note, too, that unlike virtually all members of that movement, I read, write, and speak fluent German.

They’ve never invited me to so much as attend, let alone speak at their conferences. Just as well.

I prefer the term coined by my colleague, John Derbyshire: “The Dissident Right.” The foregoing term encompasses various streams of thought and temperaments: Racial realism, white nationalism, neo-reactionaries, etc. Where one would situate white supremacists and neo-Nazis, I do not know.

Categorizing all of the foregoing movements is not reducible to empirical distinctions; the empirical and the normative are inextricably intertwined.

Note, however, that before the term was coined, I was quite influential in what would come to be known as the Alt-Right.

In either late 2005 or early 2006, Kevin Lamb of the National Policy Institute hired me to edit and co-author the report, The State of White America-2007. I wrote an outline for the report, which Kevin found acceptable without qualification.

Soon thereafter, Kevin left NPI, and NPI co-founder Louis R. Andrews took over the project.

Louis R. Andrews, may he rest in peace, was a brilliant man. Although my understanding is that he made his money off of real estate, his passion was the life of the mind. He read deeply of naturalistic social science, much of it of the Darwinist persuasion, which has been known variously as “sociobiology,” “human biodiversity,” and “evolutionary psychology.” He founded and ran Washington Summit Publishers, which has brought out some of the most important works in the social sciences and theoretical biology of the past 15 or so years (Richard Lynn’s Race Differences in Intelligence and The Global Bell Curve; Michael Hart’s Understanding History, etc.).

He also created a virtual library of brilliant articles on the same topics at the Websites PINC (“Politically Incorrect”) and Upstream.

Kevin Lamb, a leading intellectual, has for many years been the managing editor of the Social Contract, a brilliant journal devoted to immigration. (Kevin is as much at home writing on the politics of immigration as he is on IQ.) Before that, he was a librarian at Newsweek, and then managing editor? at Human Events, until he was purged, as part of a hate campaign led by the SPLC?

Economist Edwin S. Rubenstein wrote one chapter for SOWA-2007, a statistical portrait of America, and historian Robert M. Stove (The Unsleeping Eye) wrote a chapter on the changing world of labor.

I was originally to write the chapter on crime and race. However, being unable to secure a writer for the chapter on race and education, I wrote both chapters, and thus became the principal author of the report. Louis Andrews graciously added the title “program director,” which had been Kevin’s.

Louis did not interfere in the slightest with the report.

The report was held up for months by Louis’ titanic struggle with cancer, which had spread all over his body. The situation looked hopeless, and I, who had not seen one cent from the project, notwithstanding hundreds of hours of labor I’d put into it, was afraid I’d never get paid, and the project would never be published.

Well, things worked out splendidly. Louis went into remission, the report was published, and I got paid.

Louis posted a link to SOWA at NPI’s home page, where readers could order a free e-version of the report, or a hard copy for a modest price ($7? I can’t recall).

Meanwhile, every time Peter Brimelow published one of my articles at VDARE, Louis put up a handsome Web page at NPI, excerpting and linking to it.

SOWA-2007 was one of the two most important works ever commissioned and published by NPI. The other one was by my SOWA-2007/VDARE colleague, Ed Rubinstein: The Cost of Diversity.

I have a hard copy of Ed’s report somewhere here in my writing factory.

Both of NPI’s most important publications were authored solely or principally by Jews. Louis Andrews didn’t do that to triangulate, but because he wanted work by the best people.

The last time I saw Louis was at the conference Preserving Western Civilization in 2009. He was a tall, somewhat paunchy man in his 60s. However, a little extra weight looks good on a man who was recently fighting cancer, and with his ruddy cheeks and energetic appearance, Louis looked fit to wrestle bears.

Alas, it would not last. Soon enough, what John Wayne called the “Red Witch” returned. Louis R. Andrews died of cancer on December 29 or 30, 2011, depending on the source.

Louis’ corpse wasn’t cold, before some blackguard removed all links to SOWA-2007, The Cost of Diversity, and all NPI Web pages linking to my VDARE columns. (Eventually, someone restored the link to Affirmative Action and the Costs of Diversity. The date shown, September 12, 2005, is inaccurate, because it does not reflect the time during which the report was delinked.)
Fortunately, Louis had posted SOWA-2007 at SCRIBD, where it can still be read online.


David In TN said...

Yes, Dissident Right is a better term. Peter Brimelow termed Richard Spencer's (chronologically a 38-year old man) antics "Juvenile Bravado." I prefer Juvenile Stupidity.

Spencer's weak defense is "I was throwing it back at them." Or being unserious. Well, if Spencer doesn't want to be taken seriously, he won't be. His speech had been good. But he just had to ruin it.

Caste Football was apparently hacked several months ago and has been down since. Before that, it had lost most of its more intelligent posters. Why? A number of Hitler worshipers were posting. I told Don Wassall (when I occasionally posted there) these cretins would ruin the site.

BTW, Occidental Dissent has Nicholas Stix on their Blogroll. I'm sure most everybody on the Alt-Right, Alt-Lite (our friend Countenance's term), and the Dissident Right reads your crime stories.

Anonymous said...

So many post call for kill, die, assassinate, death, etc. Do they hear themselves speaking? Probably not.

Cingoldby said...

I would like to say that the neo-nazi tendency is trying to hijack the 'alt-right' brand, in which endeavour they have the collusion of the liberals who wish to smear the only effective opponents they face. The traditional right have become court eunuchs and so any actual alternative right which is not emasculated and house trained must be smeared and defamed. It would be a shame if the ne0-nazi idiots were able to do so with the help of the vicious liberals.