Sunday, November 20, 2016

Another Nazi Hate Crime Hoax Greets Donald Trump’s Election--or was It a Hate Crime Hoax Parody?

I asked the poster if the photo was is, and if he had put the note on his own car. No response yet. The only response I expect, is for him to block me, which would cause the twit to disappear. Therefore, I have photocopied it, as well.

Postscript: 5:50 a.m., Sunday, November 20, 2016

On second thought, since the poster is clearly not a lefty, and the hate hoax he posted is so ridiculous, I suspect that he was doing a parody.


Chicago guy said...

Mass media here have been breathlessly carrying accounts of a supposed surge in hate crimes since Trump's election. There are all these bogus do-it-yourself hoaxes such as low grade graffiti sprayed somewhere which the media put on television. There's a lot of talk about 'fake news' outlets. What about the mainstream media promoting all this fake news? They've been doing it for years.

Anonymous said...

The swastika again drawn wrong and the writing done with misspelling and childish scrawl. A hoax. Probably perpetrated by a minority.

Anonymous said...

Hail Hitler 1599!!! 1599 has some sort of secret meaning. Like 1488 is supposed to have a secret meaning to the so called white supremacist.

Nicholas knows? Nicholas can find out?