Friday, November 11, 2016

Veterans Day, 2016

To all our fighting men: Thank you for your service.

By Nicholas Stix

Originally posted on November 11, 2014


U.S. Army flag (Branch founded on June 14, 1775.)

U.S. Navy flag (Branch founded on October 13, 1775.)

U.S. Marine Corps flag (Branch founded on November 10, 1775.)

USAF flag (Branch founded on September 18, 1947.)

To all the men who have gone into harm’s way: Thank you for your service.


Patton: Complete Soundtrack Suite: Composed by Jerry Goldsmith


Thanks to Mauser388mm for the upload.

The opening speech is based on real speeches that Patton delivered to his men. The screenplay, which was written by a very young Francis Ford Coppola, and opens with Patton giving a speech while standing in front of a gigantic American flag, came this|close to getting him fired, at least according to Coppola. (I bought a DVD of the picture earlier this year, and it has an interview with Coppola many years later. While I have no idea whether his stories are true, the man is a world-class raconteur.)

The music starts at 4:59. And be sure to catch the haunting theme at 32:01, where Goldsmith and director Franklin Schaffner return to Patton’s tragic vision.

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Coast Guard also during a time of war.