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Video Shows Hillary Shill Hijacking Nevada Delegate Vote at DNC

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Did Hillary Really Steal Nevada at the Convention? YES!


Published on May 15, 2016 by Bad Bernie.


It's easy to feel outrage, but difficult to SHARE outrage when you aren't confident about explaining to others what is going on. I did my best here to compile background info and a breakdown of yesterday's events so we can educate ourselves and, subsequently, educate others.

Nevada Caucus - has 3 tiers, 3rd tier wins state/delegates:

1st Tier (main televised caucus Feb 20th): Hillary won
2nd Tier (April 2nd): flipped to Bernie
3rd Tier (May 14th): last night's shitshow

Shady rule-changing prior to last night:

NV DNC knew that based on the 2nd Tier vote, the 3rd Tier would probably go to Bernie. They didn't want this. So they changed some rules around!

Changed the NV DNC rules so that Nevada's delegates would be awarded to the winner of the Feb 20th 1st Tier (ie Hillary).

However, they also knew that educated people would try to make motions at the convention to object to this rule, and that those motions would probably pass! So....

They also changed the NV DNC rules so that all votes on the floor of the convention would be decided ONLY by a voice vote (all in favor say "aye", etc), and that the results of that voice vote would be decided ONLY by DNC Chair Roberta Lange, and that her say was FINAL.

When you heard people talk about "Temporary Rules" last night, it was referring to these rules.

"Temporary Rules" debacle:

Item #1 on agenda of convention was to vote for these "Temporary Rules" to pass. This was conducted by paper ballot.

Vote was supposed to be held after convention started, but instead it was held immediately at 10 am early at 9:30 [?] when not everyone was inside the convention and not everyone who was inside had ballots. But you know who was inside and had all their ballots ready? All the Hillary earlybirds (early-hawks) that knew this vote was going to happen early. Vote passed.

Motion to have a re-vote of the Temporary Rules was demanded by citizens. DNC Chair Roberta Lange instead held a voice vote that the temporary rules would stay. Some AYES, resounding NAYS. But who cares! She votes to pass it.

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