Sunday, November 06, 2016

They Got to Comey; Just a Few Hours After “Mop Secret” Story Broke About Hillary Clinton Making Her Maid Commit Federal Felonies with E-mails, FBI Director Surrenders a Second Time


Marina Santos, Hillary’s maid. Caption, by the increasingly pc New York Post: “Hillary Clinton’s cleaner [sic] Marina Santos (inset), was routinely directed to print out sensitive and sometimes classified e-mails, and to handle faxes off a high-security machine, when Clinton was secretary of state, according to FBI memos. The DC housekeeper, who did not have clearance, might be the key to unraveling E-mailgate.”

Gov. Mike Huckabee:

“What it really shows is the contempt Hillary Clinton has for the law….

“If anybody wants to vote for Hillary, do so, but realize, she’s got more baggage than Delta Airlines….

“Harry Truman once said that the only way you can get rich in government is to be a crook. Well, she and Bill have gotten really, really rich. And I’ll leave it at Harry Truman’s statement, to figure out how she did it.”

At Breitbart.


Anonymous said...

I thought of this angle today.What might be Hillary Clinton's inauguration speech,if all the idiotic women and minorities have their way on Tuesday.
---January 20th,2017---
"Thank you everyone-for electing me as your president.Well,not EVERYONE voted for me,of course(laughs),but 47% of you.Close enough for government work. (applause)First of all,I am announcing the full pardons of Huma Abeden,John Podeska,Loretta Lynch...MYSELF (audience laughter).I'm also raising your taxes in one hour,by about 5% on the middle class(crowd applauds).Yes,Donald Trump was right (crowd laughs again).I'm going to start releasing three times as many black prisoners as my predecessor has done,within the first 90 days(cheers).Now,I'd like to introduce George Soros,who will be taking over for a little while.Stand up George,if you can.Okay everyone,see you in a few weeks,I'm off to a little island me and Bill and Jeff Epstein know about.Thanks again America for your support and remember...Allah is good."
Why would this happen?
Because America..,"YOU ASKED FOR IT".

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

What is the immigration status of the maid?