Thursday, November 10, 2016

Racist Hate Crime in Chicago: Three of Obama’s Sons, and Two of His Daughters Beat and Stomp Middle-Aged, White Trump Supporter Almost to Death, Rob Him, and Carjack His Car



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Thanks to reader-researcher “B,” for this video.

I saw this film at Youtube, but the person who’d posted (probably re-posted) it gave no information, as to the location.

Note that the attackers are not “youths,” except in the sense that “youths” is a euphemism for blacks. They are clearly grown men.

Be warned: The videos at the linked site are repetitious.

SHOCK VIDEO: Black Mob Beats White Trump Supporter, “You Voted Trump! You Gonna Pay For That Sh*t!”
Shock video shows mob beat Trump supporter, steal his car and drag him through street.
Chris Menahan
Nov. 10, 2016

Shock video reportedly out of Chicago shows a mob of African-American youth beat a white Trump supporter because he "voted Trump," telling him "you gonna pay for that sh*t."

The mob is seen robbing the man of his belongings, stealing his car and then dragging him through the street while his hand is stuck in the window of his own vehicle.

YouTube incredibly deleted evidence of this hate crime, fortunately it was saved and uploaded to other sites.

In this first version which contains audio, you can hear the criminal assailants screaming "you voted Donald Trump" while multiple thugs are seen savagely beating the man from every which angle.

"You voted Trump," the mob can be heard screaming. "You gonna pay for that sh*t."

"Beat his ass," a woman shouts. "Don't vote Trump," another man says while laughing.

(Watch videos at link)

This second video, which goes longer but has the "F**k Donald Trump" rap song playing over the audio track, shows one of the assailants entering the man's car and then driving away while the man's hand is stuck after reaching into the back window of his vehicle.

The scene is frankly reminiscent of a lynching.

[Actually, it is a lynching. According to the law in many states (at least, until very recently), a mob attack is a lynching, regardless of whether it results in the victim’s death. Some state legislatures have recently begun renaming lynch laws, so that blacks may not be charged with lynching whites.]

Update: Chicago police spokeswoman Officer Nicole Trainor says police are aware of the incident and investigating.

Update II: From CBS Chicago:

Police said a 50-year-old man was attacked and beaten by three males and two females at the intersection of Roosevelt Road and Kedzie Avenue. One of the attackers stole his car and fled the scene, according to police."

...Chicago police said the victim was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in good condition.

[That‘s an obvious lie: Apparently, “good condition” means he still had a pulse. One of the reasons for “Obama’s” “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing,” is to make it easier for racist blacks to do this every day to white neighbors.]

No one was in custody Thursday morning. Area North detectives were investigating.
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Anonymous said...

My hope is...and my fingers are crossed that these rioters and thugs think they have two months to terrorize our cities.That's why all this stuff is happening now.
My hope is...Trump reverses the "Stand down"policy of Holder/Lynch/Obama.
My hope is...Trump cracks down on this criminal behavior.
My hope is...Prisons are built.Call it "infrastructure."
If Trump is going to be the law and order president,black(and Mexican)crime must be dealt with consistently and in a tough manner.
My hope is...Trump appoints a special prosecutor for HRC.No one above the law.
My hope is...Trump doesn't let us down.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

BREAKING NEWS:Portland police call situation,a "full fledged riot."
The protest about Trump,of course goes extreme as "protesters" take baseball bats to cars and store windows.
FOX said it was unknown whether riot police were being organized.It is 9:48 pst.Still plenty of time for more damage.How goes it Jerrypdx?What's happening?Keep those blacks under control..