Friday, November 04, 2016

How the Police and the Media Handle “Graffiti”-Type "Hate Crimes”

By Jerry PDX

I spotted this on AOL. A cop’s wife has been accused of staging a phony "hate" crime. Someone spray painted BLM on her garage door. The police say she did it, though I can't find any information on how they figured that out, though she says she didn't.

OK, I'm going to go by the same standard I set any time there's a "graffiti" type "hate crime." If the cops investigate and determine it's bogus, then I'll take their word for it. I'm certainly not at ground zero, and don't know the people involved, so I have nothing else to judge by. Except maybe those times the story is so obviously bogus, even the professional news service liars can't make it sound credible. Which is actually quite often.

So assuming it is a "hoax," notice how this story is being treated.

The original graffiti "attack" isn't the story, and never really was. I did an internet search and couldn't find a single reference to this story previous to it being called phony by the cops. Maybe if somebody searched hard enough they could find something, but it's clear the story is only a national news story because the perp is white (I haven't seen a picture of the woman, but I'm assuming she is) and it fits the PC narrative of whites falsely blaming negroes. Just type in google "Maria Daly BLM" and see what comes up. Story after story on national news wires about this "phony" hate crime.

Begs the question: In the fact of relentless fake "hate crimes" staged by blacks, homosexuals and Muslims why is the media taking this story, and turning it into a firestorm?

We all know what happens when blacks, gays, etc... paint racist graffiti themselves. The media goes into a frenzy over the "hate crime," and when the perps turn out to be the blacks and gays themselves, the story disappears, never to be mentioned again –
except maybe an obscure mention on page 10 that very few notice.

Case in point, we had a supposed "hate crime" at a local college campus.

Tanguy Muvuna, a black African immigrant who is a student there, claimed he was assaulted by three white men who called him racial epithets. This story got massive regional attention and even a couple of national mentions. A quick search of his name brings up many news mentions of this incident. However, police acted very quickly and also very quickly "suspended" the investigation. They never said why, and said nothing about the incident afterwards. The only reason this story didn't take off was because the police acted so quickly and determined there was no merit to it. They've never stated that publicly, but they don't have to. I give credit to police for investigating so quickly and figuring out it was bogus but then I'm also a little disgusted over the cowardly way they aren't charging this guy for filing a false police report.

[That was the black “victim” who described the three “racist” attackers as all looking identical.]

Local media completely dropped the story after the police "suspended" the investigation. It's not newsworthy when a negro fakes a hate crime; it's only newsworthy if a white does it. THAT'S the difference between how the media treats black and white race hoaxes.

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