Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Florida is Looking Like in 2000 Again—Lead Changes Every Few Minutes! Hillary is Up by 28 Votes! No, Trump is Now Up by 8,000 Votes!

By Nicholas Stix

As the smart money has been saying, if Donald Trump wins Florida, he may or may not win the presidency, but if he loses Florida, he’s virtually guaranteed to lose. The alternative would be that he loses Florida, but makes it up by winning other battleground states he was expected to lose, and picks up several little-bitty states.

Right now, most of the votes being counted are in the heavily Republican Western panhandle, where the polling places are open one hour later than on the east.

Newest count: Hillary Clinton is up by 28 votes in Florida!

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Anonymous said...

Trump just pulled up by almost 2% with 91% of the vote in.(Florida).A heckuva move thanks to the panhandle counties.