Sunday, June 05, 2016

The Democratic Party’s War on Women (Poster)

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Anonymous said...

WASHINGTON –  "President Barack Obama has shortened the sentences of 42 people serving time for drug-related offenses, continuing a push for clemency that has ramped up in the final year of his administration.

Roughly half of the 42 receiving commutations Friday were serving life sentences. Most are nonviolent offenders, although a few were also charged with firearms violations. The White House said many of them would have already finished their sentences if they had been sentenced under current, less onerous sentencing guidelines."
Obama thinks that selling crack cocaine is a "non violent crime".True,if you consider that a wasted life of drug addiction is non violent.True,if you think that the crack addict will not commit felonies himself to feed his habit.True,if you think that spreading drug addiction to others is non violent.
But of course,Obama knows it all--doesn't he?
---GR Anonymous