Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bill and Hillary Clintons’ Storage Issues (Political Cartoon)

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Anonymous said...

Today was a huge day in the news.Supreme Court decisions,a probable terrorist attack in Germany and Brexit.
1.Affirmitive action okayed for college admission.
A reason for a Trump vote.Putting a black in college who is unqualified is as much a waste of money as welfare--in fact it IS welfare,just a variation thereof.
2.Obama Immigration policy denied.
Sounds like Obama is parsing the decision,but he's not happy--so that must be a good thing. (Simple analysis is best sometimes).
3.Shooting in German movie theater.
Let's see who the shooter (who was killed)had an affiliation with.Could Britain look at this and change a few votes late toward Brexit?
4.Obama is an idiot."Just because someone doesn't pray like us,doesn't mean we should fear them".Islam is different--that's why he won't say the words "Islamic radical".It doesn't fit into the plan that allows him to flood the country with more Muslims.If he stated that Islam was dangerous,he could not logically allow them in.By denying their danger,he continues their unimpeded path into this country.
--GR Anonymous