Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Breaking News: Moslem Attack at Istanbul Airport Has Left Almost 50 Dead!


Anonymous said...

I'm only surprised these terrorists weren't in OUR country as part of Obama's "sweet,innocent harmless"refugee influx.What...their invitation got lost in the mail--or what?We certainly can't tell a terrorist from a sheik anyways,so it doesn't much matter whether we check these nutjobs out before we let them scurry to parts unknown.But don't worry Dems,you have that terrorist block of voters locked up.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Since I consider Muslim immigration and Mexican illegals as one gigantic mess
for this country,I thought I 'd pass along a hilarious joke Johnny Carson told 33 years ago on his "Tonight Show".I mentioned AntennaTV repeats his shows in its entirety,and it's fascinating to see --both for comedic and historical reasons.
In 1983 there was a football strike and in Carsons monologue he said,"TV executives are trying to find replacement programming,Canadien football,Mexican football...the rules are a little different in Mexican football.For one thing,tn Mexican football,the Mexican teams use the US border as the end zone."And the crowd roared.
Then he said,"They have Iranian football as a possibility as well--except because Iran gives the death penalty for gay behavior,when the quarterback goes behind the center to snap the ball--if either one smiles--they get executed on the spot."
Here we are...33 years later,and nothing has really changed.In fact,it's gotten worse on a geometric scale.
---GR Anonymous