Thursday, June 16, 2016

Obama’s Speech Today was Not About the Orlando Moslem Attack, but About Promoting Gays and Gun Control and Bullying Decent Americans: ‘We Must Embrace Our Common Humanity, but Homosexuals are More Human than Normal People, Gun-Grabbers are More Human than Law-Abiding Gun Owners, and Anyone Who Questions Whether a Gun-Free Zone Can be a Safe Space, Lacks “Common Sense”’

By Nicholas Stix

The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” had barely begun speaking, when The Boss said, “gun control.” He made us wait a while, as if he’d deluded himself that he could weave a web of lies, logic, and emotion that would trap each non-Obamaton listener, and eventually make a meal of him.

He jumped from one contradiction to another. He spoke of our “common humanity,” but exalted homosexuals, a moral monopoly of the families of the dead in Orlando (but only so long as they are gun-grabbers), anti-Constitutional gun confiscation and “Latinos,” which he pronounced, as if we were in a foreign country.

He lied, he twisted the meanings of words beyond recognition, in short, he was Obama.

“There were husbands and wives, who had taken a solemn vow…. They’re our family.”

Yeah, husbands of men, and wives of women. They had not taken a solemn vow, because all of the religions they were raised into consider homosexuality an abomination, and in “Obama’s” religion, Islam, being a homosexual is a death penalty offense. (Not that “Obama” even recognizes “solemn vows,” since he is almost certainly an atheist.) Which is why Omar Mateen murdered 49 people, in the first place. But “Obama” forbids us from speaking honestly. He knows that his sophistry is a semantic fog which he wants no one to be able to see through.

They’re not “our family.” If “Obama” were not a genocidal racist, who forced homosexuality, same-sex marriage, and sexual psychopathy on us and our children, who exalts all non-whites over whites, and who believed in a common humanity, he could make an argument—from Christianity, and/or patriotism—for thinking of the dead of Orlando as “our family.” But we know that he is no Christian, that he is a racist traitor and, to borrow from Mary McCarthy, that everything he says is a lie, including “and” and “the.”

He seeks gun confiscation, not in order to prevent mass murders, but to aid and abet them.

Thus, we can only grieve for the dead of Orlando, the victims of Islam and of Obama, in spite of “Obama.” We grieve as Christians and Jews, as patriots, as decent and honest people. And we must say, as one, in the words of Pastor James David Manning: Go to hell, Obama!


Anonymous said...

Repeat the mantra.Gun control.First Obama..then Clinton,Obama,Clinton,Obama,Clinton--Biden,Obama,Clinton,Obama,Clinton,Obama,Clinton,Obama,Clinton,Reid,Pelosi,Obama,Clinton,.
Over and Over,with total fawning coverage by CNN and Negro Nightly News.Obama,Clinton,Obama,Clinton,Obama,Clinton,Colbert,Obama,Clinton.

Trump?"Terrorism-not guns".Squelched or derision filled reporting.Trump cannot counter Obama,Clinton,Obama,Clinton,Obama,Clinton,Obama,Clinton,Obama.

--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

If I was a political cartoonist I would have Clinton and Obama playing tennis with a Trump-faced tennis ball.It's THAT bad.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Uhh, hey. Remind me again how you AREN'T racists and bigots when in fact you are. Because it's NOT working.

Why are you people so fearful of Muslim immigrants? It CANNOT be US domestic acts of terrorism because the facts show that since 2001:

Forty (40) US Born non-Muslim citizens have killed 243 and wounded 518 in 40-mass shooting events

Five (5) Muslims have killed 106 people and wounded 187 in 4-mass shooting events.

There have been 50% more US Mass Shooting perpetrated by Blacks than all Muslims.

Koreans, Asians, and Bosnians (all non-Muslim) have been involved in the same number of US Mass shootings a Muslims yet no one is yelling to ban them.

You folks are afraid of a bogus boogeyman - get a life and learn how the world really is.

We are such a devious, cunning bunch, aren't we? The fearmongering is strong in this one... The president of the United States isn't trying to tear apart his own country. Maybe the "obvious" answer is that he's just trying to make us look as progressive as the European countries that have taken in refugees, which is still stupid, but for f's sake quit acting like everyone is out to get you, conservative psycho...

Two reasons:
1. He's not a Muslim. He's Christian.
2. Why do you want to waste time trying to impeach someone who won't be in office in less than 6 months? It would take longer to set up the proceedings (which would ultimately fail anyway)

Impeachment by the Senate is for high crimes and misdemeanors. Showing cultural appreciation and understanding doesn't translate to an impeachable offense.

Trump isn't gonna win. Every poll out there shows him losing. Even he himself:

And YES! you stupid goon, the polls are true. Does it hurt your thick, retarded head that no one wants a openly racist, bigoted, sexist scumbag like Trump as President? Obviously it does, why else make up BS lies about polls showing Trump losing to be fake? Donald Trump is a bombastic, racist, unpresidential master of insults; egotistical braggart; name-caller and bully.

But please, go ahead and keep lying by saying you AREN'T racists and bigots when in fact you are. It's REALLY working wonders.

Anonymous said...

Race is a social construct, Anonymous.

A late Harvard professor (sic) said so.

If it originated at Harvard, then it must be true.

So, how can one be a "racist" if race and therefore "racism" are social constructs?

Anonymous said...

If we'd have kept HIS parents out 30 years ago---and YOURS,the US wouldn't have to worry about none of it.The Muslims are going for the big score.Blowing up the White House,Statue of Liberty,nuclear power plants etc.
Enjoy your time here,because when Trump gets in,there's a ticket with your name on it--out of here.
You may start to worry a little more if the Brexit vote passes.That will show there's a lot of worldwide anger at the status quo.From what I read,if Britain leaves the EU,you can start plans for Trump as your president--until you're deported.
--GR Anonymous