Thursday, June 30, 2016

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin is Celebrating Obama’s Order to Immediately Permit Sexual Psychopaths to Serve Openly in the American Military!

By Nicholas Stix

Baldwin keeps glowing over how "historic" the change is.

According to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, at today’s press conference, there will be an 18-month wait required, before inducting the psychos into the military, to determine that their “genders” have “stabilized.” He said that “gender reassignment surgery” will depend on doctors’ judgments, as to what is “medically necessary.”

(Oddly enough, Carter insisted that the decision was his, when everyone in the room and watching on their TV sets knew that he'd had no say in it.)

First of all, there’s no such thing as gender, except in languages other than English. Second, these are sexual psychopaths. “Stabilizing” is not an option. (And how do you know what’s up with them, regardless of what they say?) Thirdly, they will sue, asserting that any waiting period is “discriminatory,” and they will win. And fourth, the idea of “medical necessity” doesn’t exist here. To speak of it is as insane as a person with a penis insisting that he’s a woman. In any event, the psychos who are “serving” their country will sue for their chop-chop, whenever they want it, and they will win that court battle, too.

Oh, what am I saying? There won’t be any court battles. The Queeragon will roll over, and give them whatever they demand.

All this is fine with the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama,” since he lives for chaos.


Anonymous said...

In the periphery of Obama's sphere of ineptitude was AG Lynch secret meeting with Bill Clinton,the lack of announcement about it,the refusal of Obama to talk about it yesterday and today--Lynch's interview with a Washingon Post black that was more vapid than if Colbert had done it.
The one quote that stuck out was Lynch saying,"The shadow this casts on the FBI investigation of (Hillary not mentioned by name)State Dept e-mails,is very painful for me."
Not painful enough to recuse herself though.I 'm guessing Lynch must have access to Special Government Strength Aleve---for when you want to get rid of the (imaginary)pain.
Interestingly,that was Bill Clinton's famous line as well--"I feel your pain",which he must have said to Lewinsky and Paula Jones etc before he sigged Hillary on them
---and then took two Government Strength Aleve to get through it all.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Breaking News:
The sound of frying pans being thrown was heard coming from the Hillary Clinton residence today,shortly after "husband" Bill was seen walking in.After the door closed,the unmistakable voice of the Democratic nominee was heard and measured at a decibel rate of an airplane taking off.Reporters were seen inserting earplugs as the door closed.
"What the (bleep)are you trying to do to my campaign you(bleep)?Are you trying to intentionally sabotage my election?"
Frying pans were then heard hitting what sounded like a human skull.
A little heard theory about the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting is that the former president went there to pressure Lynch into arresting HRC as soon as possible.Close friends of Bill say that he is worried that his health is not good enough to survive 4 years of daily or near daily contact with his wife.
"It's almost as if she's taken lessons in how to swing a frying pan",he remarked to one person,"she never misses."
More on this as I invent