Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Chicago’s Bribe-Taking, White Uncle Tom Catholic Priest, Father Michael Pfleger: Don’t Complain About My Murderous, Black, Gangbanger Parishioners; What About Those Murderous, Upper-Middle-Class Liberal Whites Advocating for Public Parks?!

By Nicholas Stix

Pfleger perfectly fits his own definition of a gangster:

“Where I live, a self-appointed group that starts making calls for the neighborhood, they’re called a gang…. Tell me the difference between Friends of the Parks and the Gangster Disciples?”

“Bribe-taking,” you ask? Father Pfleger took a $200,000 bribe from George Lucas in 2014, in exchange for supporting Lucas’ plan to build the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts, which was opposed by Friends of the Parks, and which Lucas is now reportedly not going to build in Chicago.

Pfleger here, here, here, here, here and here is a devotee of genocidal, black supremacist, Black Liberation Theology. Until 2004, he was with racist, black Chicago preachers Jeremiah Wright and James Meeks, one of the three leading supporters of the John Doe calling himself, “Barack Obama.”

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Chicago guy said...

Father Fagler is a ridiculous figure, especially when he tries to act black and screams away in that gay voice of his while wearing a kente cloth. He's been a media hound all these years and the mainstream media has given him endless coverage. His parishioners seem to like him for some reason. He's been marching on liquor and gun stores as the root of all evil for a long time. Just a circus performer who for some inexplicable reason politicians, media and others take seriously.