Saturday, June 18, 2016

Paul Ryan to Donald Trump: Just so You Know, Because I Believe so Strongly in Conservatism and Constitutionalism, if You Get Elected President, I’m Going to Use the Supreme Court to Launch an Unconstitutional Usurpation of Presidential Prerogatives; in Simple English—I’m Going to Cut Your Balls Off!

By Nicholas Stix

Paul Ryan is ridiculous. Such executive orders are the President’s prerogative. No foreigners have a right to immigrate here. Congress’ prerogative is to pass immigration laws, or amnesty illegal aliens already present on American soil. However, the President can still forbid foreign individuals or groups from coming here. Ryan is threatening to attempt a usurpation of lawful presidential power.

When Ryan had the legal prerogative to cut “Obama’s” purse strings, he did nothing. This is reminiscent of Romney, who was The Invertebrate, when he was up against “Obama.” Then, when he’s all washed up, after having blown his chance, and while Trump is fighting for his chance, Romney does everything possible to sabotage him. As Sam Francis would say, were he still alive, the Republican Party has gone “bipartisan”—both stupid and evil.

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