Sunday, June 19, 2016

Light My Fire: Rapefugee Crime News from Germany: Tatort: Rastatt; Translated by Nicholas Stix

“Tatort” is German for “scene of the crime.” It is also the title of the most popular TV series in German history (1970-), a revolving series shot in different major cities, with different casts, and famous weekly guest bad guys. The few times I got to see it, usually while my West German girlfriend and I visited her family, it was always entertaining, bnut the best episodes in those days starred Götz George as Kommissar Schimanski, and were set in Duisburg. The German Wikipedia says (my translation),

“This episode provoked debate on the TV image of policemen, particularly the first scene (Kommissar Schimanski is shown in his messy apartment where, lacking clean cooking utensils, he eats two eggs raw).” (June 28, 1981)

Insbesondere die erste Szene (Kommissar Schimanski wird in seiner unaufgeräumten Wohnung gezeigt, wo er mangels sauberen Kochgeschirrs zwei rohe Eier isst) sorgte für Debatten über das Polizistenbild im Fernsehen.[49] (June 28, 1981)

Unfortunately, Tatort has since gone pc, and now runs stories about murderous neo-Nazis, but not about the rapefugees, who practically have a monopoly on violent crime in many German cities.

“Severely inebriated asylum applicant (26) caused fire in refugee shelter through a tossed cigarette. Charged with negligent arson.”

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Of course the murderous neo-Nazi are everywhere and committing all sorts of horrible crimes against minorities. Of course.