Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Politics of Hate

By Grand Rapids Anonymous
Monday, June 20, 2016

A leader of the Conservatives in England today said she is no longer supporting the Brexit vote because she no longer wants to be part of “the politics of hate.”

Here's what I hate:

I HATE what's happening to the world. The Muslims being invited/allowed to stampede into countries and change them. The US is in the first inning, Europe the 4th inning of being transformed into Allah-land.

I HATE blacks and Mexicans being given reverential treatment and free government assistance for doing NOTHING but taking up space in America.

I HATE police being intimidated by black special interest groups... which includes BLM, the MSM, like the Washington Post, NY Times, Negro Nightly News. They, in coordination with Obama, are attempting to destroy laws that have been the backbone of our land.

I HATE when white people are not appreciated for having built this country.

I HATE that black society, being only 13.2% of our country, seems to be forced down our throats at a rate which would be seem closer to 50%.

I HATE that it seems an unknown group is promoting the demise of whites AND our country as we knew/know it.

I HATE that Republicans like Paul Ryan have power, but no brains.

I HATE that crooked politicians like Clinton get support from our people.

I HATE that blacks are untouchables in being criticized by anyone, for anything, but it's fine to accuse whites of everything from racism to hate crimes.

I HATE there's no honest discussion of the above topics.

To me, that's the politics of hate... and I hate that it's come to this.


Anonymous said...

Here's a clip of Steven Colbert joking about murdering a young Donald Trump:

Anonymous said...

The Politics of Haight (Ashbury)