Monday, June 20, 2016

Byron York: Don’t Worry, if Donald Trump Loses to Hillary Clinton, Because the Inability to Win National Elections is the New Normal for the GOP—but that Doesn’t Mean it’s Dead as a National Party

By Nicholas Stix

My position is that yet another “ordinary GOP defeat” against yet another, ordinary Democrat candidate will be a national party-ending calamity.

In 2008, John McCain (Media-AZ) went up against a weak opponent. A Republican who wanted to win the election would have hammered away at “Obama’s” genocidal racism, as evidenced by his over-20-year-long membership in a Black Liberation Theology church; and his support of black criminals, as evidenced by his support of state laws banning “racial profiling,” i.e.; and his Marxism. Instead, McCain, who had apparently decided that he wanted to go down in history as the first white man to lose the presidency to a “black,” not only did not contest the election, but he went out of his way to help “Obama,” by ordering surrogates to refrain from using TV spots aggressively attacking “Obama.” And in his one moment of good sense, when he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, he was apparently influenced by party traitors like David Brooks, and either permitted, or ordered his aides to badmouth Palin. Thus did McCain grind manna from heaven into the ground.

In 2012, Mitt Romney (Invertebrate-MA) had not only Obama’s aggressive racism to use against him, but also his incompetent stewardship of the economy and the invisible recovery, including deceiving the taxpayers into letting him engage in trillions of dollars in deficit-spending, without being able to account for where the money had gone (e.g., the $787 billion-dollar stimulus package, which Obama claimed was for “shovel-ready” infrastructure jobs, which “Obama” had no intention of spending the money on). A candidate intent on winning would have constantly hammered away with questions like “Where’s the money? Show me the money!”

Instead, Romney apologized. When he made the perfectly true statement that the American legal system is based on Anglo-Saxon law, and New York Times black supremacist Charles Blow attacked him for saying so, instead of calling Blow a liar or a racist, Romney apologized! Likewise, when he pointed out at a fundraiser that 47% of the people in this country were sucking at the welfare teat, a film of the remark was leaked to the MSM, and his political enemies demanded he apologize, he did so.

Patriots did not want to vote for a spineless candidate, and so, millions of them stayed home for the second straight election.

Donald Trump has excited both the Republican base and Reagan Democrats more than any Republican since, well, Reagan. And he is up against an extremely unattractive opponent. If the most inspirational GOP standard-bearer in 32 years can’t beat Hillary Clinton, who can he beat? And who can the GOP beat?


Anonymous said...

She and Obama and Biden just take turns wailing on Trump while no Republican supports him by firing back.Ryan and McConnell are worried about Congressional seats--not the Presidential Race.Next thing will be a restraining order issued so Trump can't be within 300 miles of their states...issued by the mexican judge Trump is fighting
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Today,Clinton made a speech.That voice.I understand why WJC cheated repeatedly.Strident and migraine inducing.I can't listen to her drone on and on.But she does know how to rip Trump a new one.This will all come down to the first debate--I would think.Winner take all.
---GR Anonymous

Joshua Sinistar said...

Democracy is the blind leading the stupid. All democracies burn out quickly. Once the indolent and lazy realize they can vote themselves money from the treasury bankruptcy and collapse are quickly achieved. We have a turning point here. A paradigm shift. A clueless black supremacist buffoon has done what no White man could do. Eliminate White Guilt. This election is meaningless now. Irregardless of the cheating, the illegal votes and the lying media, this game is now over. Without White cooperation this system will fall apart, the cities will burn down and the government will be powerless to do anything but pack up and run. Civil War is inevitable. On one side the greater mass of Whites trying to save their homeland, and on the other side bickering idiots fighting for whats left, an uncontrollable glob of ethnic enemies following bloodthirsty warlords, attacking each other and running straight into a hail of bullets. Whatever force is left of the demoralised and diversified State power mismanaged and headed by retarded fools should be quickly routed and cut and run once they meet determined resistance.
Donald Trump was a compromise. A peace offering. An attempt to work with a system too broken and corrupt to see him as their last hope from an angry American Giant awakened by incompetence and insults from an uppity nothing popinjay who poked the Tiger one too many times.

Anonymous said...

Will Brexit vote foretell OUR election?
I've been doing a lot of reading on the British vote regarding Great Britain leaving the European Union.This happens Thursday and a theory is going around that whether Brexit occurs or not--the result will be a probable indicator of whether the status quo is ready to be challenged..
A vote to leave would probably indicate that a populism in favor or looking out for your homeland,to reverse the damage that liberal politicians have caused with immigration run amok,is starting a wave that could wash right into Washington DC this November.In otherwards,a Brexit vote would indicate that Trump's probabilities of winning would go up.
The main problem that this ballot initiative is having is:The status quo government is throwing everything--including the kitchen sink,the downstairs toilet and the bathtub at defeating the plan to leave.
My guess is that it will fall just short.It's tough to fight city hall AND Britain's politicos,but I'll be watching with keen interest on a vote to leave--what would be a first step to sanity--in a world that has lost it's marbles a long time ago.
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

All you have to do to win the Presidency is win the vote in six major cities. You win those cities and you win the state the city is located in and win the electoral votes enough to be over the top. Those six cities not identified but I can guess: NYC, Philly, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark [?].

since those cities predominantly majority/minority hard for the Republicans ever again to win the Presidency.