Wednesday, June 29, 2016

As Our New Commander-in-Chief, Hillary Clinton Orders Her First Air Attack; Look Out Below (Ramirez Political Cartoon!)

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Anonymous said...

I have some advice for everyone.Don't pay attention to polls anymore.Trump still quotes polls on a regular basis,but they're absolutely meaningless --unless--you poll every state on an individual basis,add up the electoral votes and maybe THEN some kind of analysis can be made.But these national polls by every network and newspaper organization are a waste of a readers/viewers time.It's going to come down to Ohio,Florida,Pennsylvania and a couple other states.So if Quinnipiac says it's 42-40 Clinton,and Washington Post says its 51-39 Clinton,the fact is:So what?
Those numbers are national and worthless.Plus they're mostly LMSM-- intentionally misleading voters to depress the Trump voters and keep them at home.It's a conniving scheme,but England's elite had the same strategy--with an assassination thrown in--which failed BECAUSE of the piling on by elites and their allies.
So with that said,I eagerly await the riots at the Cleveland and Philadelphia conventions.They should be explosive.
--GR Anonymous