Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Who or What is America’s Greatest Enemy? Help Me Fight This Evil Scourge!



Is ISIS our greatest enemy?

No. It’s up there, but nowhere near the top.

Is “radical Islam” our greatest enemy? No. Not only is radical Islam not our greatest enemy, but the very phrase is meaningless.



Is Islam our greatest enemy? Now, you‘re getting warm, but you’re not quite there yet.


Is black supremacism our greatest enemy? No, but you’re warm again.


Is feminism our greatest enemy? No, but it’s vastly underrated.

Gay hero, Ernst Röhm

Is homosexuality our greatest enemy? No, but it’s up there.



Is the sexual psychopathy of “transgenderism” our worst enemy? No. The form of insanity whose sufferers once called themselves “transsexuals,” but who now themselves “transgenders” afflicts such a tiny percentage of people that it could wreak no havoc on its own.


Are the Clintons our worst enemies?

The Clintons are career criminals and communists, and are very close to the top, but for all that are not (yet) our worst enemies.



This is our greatest enemy. Barack Hussein Dunham/Barry Soetoro, aka Barack Hussein Obama II, is the single person who is the greatest danger to America, and is the physical embodiment of racial socialism.

The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” has illegally kept the White House under occupation since January 20, 2009. (But not because he was born in Kenya. He was born on August 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii.)

Patriots are attacking “Obama” since the Orlando Moslem Massacre on Sunday for not identifying “radical Islam” as the problem, claiming that he is “afraid” to utter that phrase. “Obama” is not driven by fear, but loyalty. He has been a Moslem his entire life. Recall that he goes by the names Barack. Hussein. Obama.

ISIS is not our greatest enemy, because it is an ephemeral embodiment of Islam, just as al Qaeda was. However, without “Obama’s” (and George W. Bush’s) support, Islam would not be the problem it has become.

Obama is also a black supremacist. As I have written for many years, he is a devotee of genocidal, Black Liberation Theology and the murder cult, the Nation of Islam. But even before I learned those lessons I was exposing “Obama’s” racism as early as 2004.

“Obama” is feminism’s most powerful ally.

“Obama,” who is reportedly a closet homosexual (to answer your question: Turkey baster), has long supported militant homosexuality. Back in 2004, I predicted that he would have a come-to-Jesus moment, and support same-sex marriage.

“Obama” recently decreed that normal people must submit to the wills of sexual psychopaths, and force school girls in girls’ locker rooms to gaze upon the penises of psychopathic boys who insist that they are really girls.

When I was a kid, the height of political insanity was fictional: In Woody Allen’s movie Bananas, the dictator of a banana republic (played by Allen), decreed that everyone must wear their underwear on the outside of their clothes. It was hilarious. All in fun.

What a set of coincidences. The John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama” supports every sort of evil under the sun. No coincidence. He supports evil, because is evil. “Obama” has devoted his adult life to the genocide of the white race, the destruction of America, and of all Western societies.

I’ve fought this monster already for 12 years. Your generous donations will help me to continue fighting him.

Thanks in advance for your generous support!


Nicholas Stix

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Thanks Nick for having the guts to tell the truth all these years.