Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ADL: Bull Connor and Other Southern Sheriffs were Right; Martin Luther King Jr. Baited Them into Violence

Continuing to follow the ADL’s logic, such as it is, Hitler was also “baited” into violence by, first, the Communists, and then the Jews.

The ADL notwithstanding, baiting white lawmen into violent responses was a conscious part of King’s strategy. Keep in mind that King was deliberately breaking the law. When one of his illegal demonstrations (e.g., taking over a city street without a permit), including demonstrators taunting, spitting on, and pelting white lawmen with bottles, did not provoke violence, King considered it a failure.

But to get back to the ADL, it clearly does not believe in the Bill of Rights. Matthew Heimbach’s pro-white, Traditionalist Worker Party was exercising its First Amendment freedoms to peaceably assemble and express its opinions. The ADL considers such acts “baiting,” which justify violence seeking to silence them.

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