Sunday, June 05, 2016

Designing Woman: How Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust Slept and Extorted Her Way to the Top


Faust is one of America's most powerful female politicians, even though most Americans have never heard of her

Excerpted by Nicholas Stix

My VDARE colleague Steve Sailer, on how Drew Gilpin Faust got where she is today.

“Of course, the $50 million Larry [Summers, Faust’s predecessor as Harvard president] handed to Drew Gilpin Faust as reparations didn`t save his job, but it did help Dr. Faust acquire the presidency of Harvard. (By the way, you`ve got to hand it to Ms. Gilpin Faust: she can play the feminist resentment card or she can play the feminine wiles card. Her early career at Penn was, let`s just say, not hurt when, as a young woman, she divorced her first husband and married the chairman of her department.)”

Faust is a having-it-all feminist, i.e., she has never made personal sacrifices, but has instead neglected both her children and her students.


A chin like a prizefighter: During Dr. Faust’s undergraduate days at segregated Bryn Mawr

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Joshua Sinistar said...

Faust? You must be joking. This is just getting sad now. What sort of idiot would use a name like Faust?