Friday, November 13, 2015

Were Paris Attacks “Suicide Attacks”?

By Nicholas Stix

Paris authorities describe soccer stadium bombing as “suicide bombing.”

On CNN, some “expert” also suggested that the concert hall attackers are (were) carrying out a suicide attack, since they didn’t bother to wear masks.


Anonymous said...

Your story about Sweden being in anarchy is now changed to France.Will there be a backlash against the Islamic invaders now?If not now-then never.The more of them you have in your boarders the more you geometrically increase your terrorist attack odds.Politicians in Europe...this is your chance to do the intelligent thing.BUILD A PROVERBIAL WALL.

jeigheff said...

In addition to not letting any more Muslims into Europe, the USA, etc., the Muslims already living in the West need to be sent back to their homelands.