Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Baltimore City Attorney Marilyn Mosby Promised to Cooperate with Program to Study, and Thereby Reduce Murders, Only to Sabotage It!

By Nicholas Stix

At the Baltimore Sun.

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Anonymous said...

Incompetent blacks in government.That would be a great story to write.The worst of the
A second point is I ve never understood the need for street drugs.But I DO understand how the people that get involved with selling the stuff are not just making a business transaction.Every time that event occurs, the city- wherever that city is-suffers a wound.If it was just one event the city could heal as the human body could heal from one wound.In Baltimore, I m sure it s more like sepsis.Massive drug dealing causing major infection and a shutdown of what used to be a functioning organism.The city is terminal...probably on life support at best.What s next for a situation like this? Refer to the Flint, Ferguson,, Benton Harbor, Kalamazoo, Philadelphia, Newark (and more) Handbook of "Finding a Grave Big Enough to Bury Your Town In (After Blacks Have Ruined It)".