Sunday, September 13, 2015

Poison Ivy Yale University Hires Racist, #BlackLivesMatter Domestic Terrorist Deray McKesson to Teach a Graduate Religion Course in Raping, Rioting, Looting and Arson


Crime pays

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At Campus Reform, where there are some excellent comments, three of which inspired my title.


Anonymous said...

That's a travesty. A perfect testimony to unchecked liberalism and how it has evolved into its own opposite because of the comprehensive censorship of competing views exercised by tolerant, open-minded lefty professors.

This is far more ominous and reactionary than anything the supposedly hide-bound old fogey academics were teaching when all this crap got started in the 60s.

Free speech movement indeed. Try some authentic free speech at Cal Berkeley today, and see how far you get.

Anonymous said...

Teaching a course at a divinity school. How divine! This fool Deray needs some divinity training himself.