Monday, September 14, 2015

Why Ben Carson is a Complete Waste of Time for Any Right-of-Center, or Even Centrist Voter

By Nicholas Stix

Well, we can forget “conservative” Ben Carson.

The case of racist, failed aspiring cop-killer, Mike Brown, was one of those great dividers. Either you believe that racist black thugs have a license to kill, and white policemen have a duty to die, or you don’t, and your position on Officer Darren Wilson’s killing of the “gentle giant” will follow from said belief. To avoid any misunderstandings: I am not reducing said belief to subjectivity or moral relativism. The one belief springs from the embrace of evil, whereas the other springs from the embrace of virtue.

Carson embraces evil; either he does so directly, or he’s a coward, who is afraid to oppose it, and thus embraces it indirectly.

Carson also supports a mass, nation-breaking amnesty of unlimited numbers of criminal foreign invaders.

And lest we forget, he supports Obamacare.

Is there anything else on the table?

Keep in mind that Carson is the “conservative” that Donald Trump’s “conservative” enemies are touting.

Tina Kadelski nails the significance of MSM touting Carson as #2 in Iowa:

A day or two ago I saw Trump on TV at a rally, mocking this “news.” “‘Carson surging.’ But I’m surging more than he is.”

The media are trying to bring about a self-fulfilling prophecy of Carson winning in Iowa, and there are plenty of “activists” willing to engage in election fraud to help make it come true, as was the case eight years ago, for the John Doe calling himself “Barack Obama.”

Thus, we have phony, self-proclaimed “conservatives”—even Jeb Bush!—denouncing Donald Trump as a phony conservative, while they tout another phony conservative, black candidate Ben Carson, who isn’t even promising to give Republican-leaning voters anything.

I guess Republicans are supposed to support Carson, just because he’s black, the same way Democrats (and some alleged Republicans) supported “Obama” for no other reason than that he was black.


Anonymous said...

Carson looks and talks like the racist he is.

Whites are so willing to find a Magic Negro they will elect by fraud a criminal like Barry Soetero, who is now also a treasonous president and who really is a muslim of sorts.
Magic Negroes exist only in fantasy land. Wake up Whites! Time is running out for you.

David In TN said...

Per our friend Countenance, the Iowa Caucus hasn't meant much in the GOP Presidential race. The eventual winner usually doesn't seriously contest it. This year, however, if Carson can somehow win or appear to do well, the Republican establishment and the MSM will go into overdrive.