Sunday, September 13, 2015

These Men are Two American Alleged Mass Murderers from This Year; Why Does Google Give One 4,000,000 Hits, but Give the Other Only 1,910 Hits?

By Nicholas Stix

Dylann Roof: 4,000,000.

David Conley III: 1,910.

Perhaps this will help:




Much of this disparity is due to the MSM’s suppression of reporting on black mass, serial, and spree killers, and saturation reporting on white killers, but it’s also due to Google’s suppression.

A personal example: Back in May 2007, I wrote the first report for a national outlet on the January 6, 2007 Knoxville Horror, the racially motivated carjacking, kidnapping, gang-rape, torture-murders of the white couple Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom by seven blacks. Five of the attackers have been convicted, and sentenced to wildly differing prison terms, while DNA analysis has anonymously identified the semen that two rapists-killers who have yet to be caught, left in Christian’s panties.

My American Renaissance editor, Jared Taylor, ran my report at the top of his daily round-up on May 14, 2007.

My American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor then had me do additional research and expand my original 1,750-word version to 3,500 words, which he then published as the cover story of the July 2007 issue of the late, lamented American Renaissance magazine.

In September or October of that year, I searched Google for my reports for Jared. No matter how many hits showed up for a topic at Google, the search engine would only give a sampling of 100 ten-item pages. I went through every entry on every page, but there wasn’t a single entry for my reports.

That was Google’s own censorship.

For anyone who believes Google’s fairy tales about impersonal “algorithms,” I have a great deal for you on a slightly used bridge. Google has even confessed to rigging its rankings, though it denies that there’s anything wrong with that.


Ronald Barbour said...

You are spot on, N6! The game is rigged - everything has been rigged by the Leftists to favor their narrative...Revolution is the only way to change the game and punish the traitors...SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!

Anonymous said...

Dylan is man bites dog.

Conley is a dime a dozen story.

The whitey killing the negro is sensationalism as so beloved of the MSM. Very rare!!