Thursday, September 03, 2015

The Banality of Evil: Even James Bond Must be Racially Replaced



By Nicholas Stix

Will we now be seeing movies with white Shafts?




Anonymous said...

In the linked article is says the leftist mission is to replace every traditional white role with a black man/woman, asian or hispanic. OK, in the case of blacks, yes. Maybe hispanics in some cases also. But what about (not ethnically hispanic/latino) asians? The only one I can think of is maybe Dean Cain who played Superman in the 90's era Lois & Clark TV series, though he was 1/2 white and 1/2 asian and looked only vaguely ambiguouos. I'm not sure if he counts but I really can't think of any case of asian being given those kind of roles, it's blacks that seem to get most of those breaks, not asians. Jerry pdx

Stan d Mute said...

There was some outrage when Idris Elba played Heimdall in the Thor movies from Marvel. Frankly that bothered me much more than Fleming's Bond character because Heimdall was one of my people's Gods and to claim we honored negroes is the worst of lies. I expect however that if Elba plays Bond there will be more outrage and it will cost the Broccolis money. Heimdall wasn't Thor or Odin. Bond is an icon.

A good way to test Jerry's assertion above is to imagine an Arab Bond. Never happen right? The new Egyptian Bond in "Pyramids Crumble." Or the new Han Bond in "Peking Inside." Never. Nor would Broccoli replace Bond with a mestizo primarily because it's a British franchise. But a negro? Again, other than the financial losses from fans staying home, I can very much see them do it. There is no end to British effort to excuse the negro's deficiency and pretend he is white in all but skin color.

I recently watched a BBC documentary on race that admitted some inconvenient facts. But what really bothered me on a deep level was seeing schoolrooms with one or two white Britons surrounded by negroes and Arabs. These kids are forced to defer to invaders and occupiers of the land their ancestors settled ten thousand years ago or more. It is insane. Sadly there will probably never be an accounting and the English will simply fade into historical obscurity as their civilization crumbles to dust. A new Dark Age is upon us.