Thursday, September 10, 2015

The 2016 Campaign: Hillary vs. Bern

By Nicholas Stix

How much of the rise of Bernie Sanders is due to: 1. Hillary Fatigue? (People are fed up with the mediocrity whom we are told is “the most brilliant woman in America”);

2. Hillary’s having missed her moment, when she refused to expose “Obama’s” 2008 election fraud conspiracy, with which he stole the nomination; or

3. The result of MSM coverage hurting Hillary and helping Sanders, due to their need to spice up the race for ratings?

The other day on CNN, Brooke Baldwin asked how Hillary would feel about losing the nomination to a “socialist,” referring to Bernie Sanders.

Baldwin was framing things, as if Sanders were to the left of Clinton. What was she trying to do, depict Hillary Clinton as a conservative, blue dog Democrat? I always thought Clinton was a communist, but there can be no doubt that she’s at least a hardcore, ideological socialist. (Back in 1992, I thought she was one hot mama, but she never impressed me as brilliant.) This is the woman who already as a Wesleyan coed converted to Alinskyite leftism which, I believe, rather than any brilliance on her part, is why her professors chose her to be valedictorian. And this is the woman who has kept her senior thesis on Alinsky under lock and key, ever since she entered electoral politics, using Bill’s coattails in 2000.

And her entire political career has consisted of being Mrs. Bill Clinton.

But that’s CNN; what else can you expect from them? It’s not called the Communist News Network for nothing.

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David In TN said...

Remember the Southern accent with which Hillary spoke during the 1992 campaign? And how it disappeared permanently after her husband's election?