Sunday, September 06, 2015

I Had a Nightmare About Germany and Austria

By Nicholas Stix

In my nightmare, both nations threw open their borders to the scum of the Earth.

No real country would do that, right? It had to be a nightmare, yes?


Anonymous said...

Believe it. Merkel has just announced that there is no limit to the number of refugees Germany will accept.

Anonymous said...

Merkel is a a Marxist who cares nothing about Germany or the German people. She is a hater and she will destroy Germany.

Anonymous said...

Gentle White People----you worry about what is happening in Europe?

Well just wait till late September 2015 when El Popeo and Prez Ozero meet here in the good ol' US of F---edUp A.

My predition---El Popeo's visit is one huge bring in all the INVADERS circus---along with an edict that every Catholic Parish take in 100 INVADER "famblies". This will be orgasmically received by the adoring fans/media/demoncrats and of course RINO's.

Then onto a joint press conference between El Popeo and Prez Ozero where Ozero announces that Amerika will take in 1 million "refugees" and that the US Air Force and Navy have converted aircraft and ships to bring them here ASAP.

Much hugging and fellatio then takes place back stage between El Popeo and Ozero and John always knew he was a bit "funny" didn't you.

Mark it down....congratulate me later on the predition.

Nicholas said...

Anonymous III,

I hate you!

Nicholas said...

Actually, I already predicted several years ago that "Obama" would bring in several million black "refugees" from Africa, to offset all the Hispanics.