Saturday, September 12, 2015

Find the Women and Children in This Picture of a Throng of “Refugees”



Anonymous said...

Every media source in the West plays the same PC game. They will flash pictures of masses of immigrants, mostly men, and zero in on the few women and children in the throng, then make grand pronouncements like: These immigrants are composed of men, women and children!!!! Never bothering to mention that women and children are a tiny percentile. Muslim and 3rd world countries produce high disproportions of bachelor males due to female infanticide or polygamy, they then dump these males on the West. Just try to bring this aspect of immigration up to a liberal. This is a taboo subject to them, it just doesn't compute.

David In TN said...

Almost all of the "refugees" are young males. There are few if any females with them. You don't have to guess what happens when they are "settled."