Saturday, September 05, 2015

“Chicago’s Police Superintendent Says an [White] Officer Who Made Racially Charged Remarks in a Video…

“that Included the Taunt Michael Brown ‘Deserved It’ Won't be Fired.”

By Prince George’s County Ex-Pat

Why not give him a Nobel Peace (sic) Prize?

This cop is far more accomplished than Papa Doc in the White House.

N.S.: Note that, according to the Chicago Tribune, the judgment that a racist, would-be cop-killer deserved to be killed, rather than kill the white cop he was attacking, is “racially charged” and a “taunt.”

At the Chicago Tribune.


Anonymous said...

"The killing of the unarmed Brown by a white officer in Ferguson, Mo.,"

The reason the thug Michael Brown was unarmed was because the police officer trying to arrest the thug prevented Michael Brown from taking his pistol away from him.

Quartermain said...

Oh modern day liberals competing in hysterics just to be part of the self righteous club. Somebody needs to sedate and send them to a therapist that is competent and knows what they’re doing. I can dream, can’t I.

Anonymous said...

No. You can't. In 2015, dreaming is not allowed in America for white people. The sooner you accept the complete hopelessness of your situation, the happier Obama will be.