Thursday, September 10, 2015

Baltimore: Racist Black Gang Brutally Beats Liberal, White, Former City Councilman on Playground, in Front of His Wife and Two Little Nieces (Colin Flaherty)

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Letter from Baltimore
September 9, 2015
White Girl Bleed a Lot

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Letter from Baltimore.


The purpose of this message is to tell you about assault on one of neighbors, Jody Landers. Jody is a former Baltimore City Councilman. He also ran for mayor when Stephanie Rawling Blake ran the first time, but didn’t gain much traction.

Anyhow I am a friend of his family.

One of them texted me this morning, “So this is a super condensed version for now…a group of 3 black males & 2 black females that are in their mid to late teens beat the shit out of my dad at the playground on my street today…with my mom and two little nieces there to watch. This city is burning. I’m sick to my stomach. It’s not okay. And Freddie Gray has become a miserable excuse for lawless bullsh*t. “

I haven’t seen anything on the news yet. Jody Landers knows everyone in politics in Baltimore city. He is may be liberal, but as a man he is one of the finest I have ever met.

Since The Freddie Gray situation crime has skyrocketed in out Northeast Baltimore neighborhood.



Anonymous said...

One thesis is that America could turn on a dime once enough DWLs get beaten raped or killed. I think a critical question is the percentage that needs to be attacked before we reach a turning point. If the needed percentage is too high (say 50%) then the native population will have already been subsumed. And it will be like the rape scene in "Camp of the Saints" where everything is already lost before the DWLs wake up. Another problem is that DWL tend to have the means to segregate themselves. With perfect integration I think the wake-up percentage is around 20%. With some integration like we have now, I think the wake-up percentage could be around 33%, meaning that one third of whites living in proximity to the savages would need to be assaulted for the meme of the country to change. I'm not optimist. Do we end up like Brazil or Haiti?

Anonymous said...

I just don't have much sympathy for any white people who are still stupid enough to live within 25 miles of a black metropolis in Bathhouse Barry's Amerika.

Anonymous said...

Also, while they might be nice people personally, Liberals are traitors who are actively destroying America and the western world in general.

Joey Goebbels and Hermann Goering were very nice men at social gatherings.