Friday, June 03, 2016

The #MSM Refuse to Talk About Hillary’s Man Gap: Fox Poll Shows Donald Trump’s Strength with Men Voters More than Offsets Hillary Clinton’s Strength with Women Voters (Graphic)

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they're not showing who the LGBTs are leaning toward.For example:Men who pretend to be women...Clinton 88% Trump 6% Undecided 6%.
Women who pretend to be men:Trump 88% Clinton 6% Undecided 6%
Women pretending to be women...Clinton 95% Trump 5%
Men who used to be men,became a woman---than back to a man:Trump 65% Clinton 35%
Men/Women who are unsure if they are male or female:Trump 6% Clinton 3%
91% undecided.
Men who are unsure if their wives are women (post menopausal especially)Trump 99% Clinton 1%..
Women(usually post menopausal)who don't care if their husbands are men:Clinton 98% Trump 2%
These are a few of the polls that MSM will probably delve into.I hope I'm wrong.
---GR Anonymous