Sunday, June 12, 2016

Marco Rubio: Orlando was in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time... or the Right Place at the Right Time?

By Nicholas Stix

Rubio just gave an utterly ridiculous speech:

“This could have happened anywhere in the world. Today, it was Orlando’s turn.”

Therefore, getting slaughtered by Moslems is simply the fate of humanity, even though he asserted that Islam, er, radical Islamic terrorism is somehow never going to win.

The only way Rubio’s ridiculous rhetoric could come true would be if a Christian or Jewish God came down to Earth, or shot lightning bolts down from Heaven, and eliminated Islam, via a deus ex machina, because Marco Rubio is impotent to fight the ideology of slaughter.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly...Islam DOES win everytime they kill on our soil.Any other talk is purely delusional.
"Little Marco".Small brain.Not much brain activity.
--GR Anonymous