Thursday, June 02, 2016

Here is a Picture of the “White Male” UCLA Shooter, Mainak Sarkar, 38; and Here is a Picture of His UCLA Victim, Professor William Klug


Hindu serial killer, Mainak Sarkar

By Nicholas Stix

Some readers will recall that during the Nation of Islam D.C. Sniper murders in 2002, racist, black, Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose, who was put in charge of the manhunt solely because he was black, kept telling the public that the killer was a white man driving a white box truck. Moose had no reason to believe that, but he kept on lying to the public, even after he had had a long telephone conversation with one of the killers (who had called in), and thus knew that the killer was black.

The phony “description” was supposedly based on a “profile,” but “profilers,” “experts” like Robert K. Ressler, had been lying to the public for years, asserting that serial killers were overwhelmingly white men in their thirties and forties.

The killers kept on slaughtering people, most of them white, while Moose kept their identity secret.

Moose then tried to keep the public out of the investigation, and only used police radio band to communicate. However, a white trucker, who had a police scanner, heard the description of the old Chevy that John Allen Muhammad and Lee Malvo were traveling in, spotted the vehicle, called it in, and the killers were caught, not thanks to, but in spite of Charles Moose.

That was a long preamble to my question, regarding why the LAPD broadcast the description of the killer as a “six-foot-tall white male, dressed in black.”

Did someone at UCLA simply lie, out of racial and sexual hatred? Did someone at UCLA act out of opportunism? He saw a white man in the Engineering Building #4, and figured, ‘I’ll never get in trouble for fingering a privileged white male’?


War crime victim, William Klug


Anonymous said...

Jerry pdx
Charles Moose was police chief in my hometown of Portland, OR for a while. I remember him very well, he was as racist then as he was when he worked the Muhammad/Malvo case, he was eventually canned for incompetence (and his racist attitudes but that was never said directly) but he was having racially motivated confrontations with people that were so blatant it became uncomfortable, even for white Portland liberals who will happily ignore racism even when it's shoved in their faces. We have a local weekly "news"paper that is distributed for free called "Willamette Week" that usually panders to political correctness but, unlike our mainstream "news"paper, the Oregonian,it occasionally prints something a little out of mainstream thought, it ran articles about Moose detailing some of his peccadilloes, note the 2nd article points out his affirmative action origins. Basically, he is as incompetent and racist as hell but keeps getting jobs because of public pressure to get blacks into police forces.

Anonymous said...

So why isn't this LA police chief forced to resign?
--GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I think finally Moose got fired because he insisted on being paid for a book about his role in the murders. He ended up in Hawaii as a street cop, and he may have been fired from that job also. His career hurt many people and caused untold damage. Think how great America would be if things like this could be stopped in their infancy. Without this type of thing the happiness, health and welfare of America could be greatly increased (not to mention the increase in GDP)