Friday, June 10, 2016

Black Actor Michael Jace Enjoys Affirmative Action Justice: He Should Have Gotten the Death Penalty, for the Premeditated, Sadistic Murder of His Wife, April, but Instead Only Got “40 Until Life” [Translation: Whenever Until Parole] His Defense? He Only Wanted to Inflict Excruciating Pain on Her, and Should Therefore Have Only Gotten “Man”


Murder victim April Jace. She planned on divorcing her husband, Michael, but he decided to kill her, rather than let her go.

Black Hollywood murderer Michael Jace performed in the 1994 movie masterpiece, Forrest Gump. Here, Jace is properly attired, in a courtroom.

Thanks to reader-researcher RC, who comments,
Life imitates art.

“Actor Michael Jace Sentenced to 40 Years to Life in Prison for Killing Wife.”

Michael Jace should not be confused with black Hollywood figure Mykleti Williamson, who also performed in the movie masterpiece, Forrest Gump, who implicitly confessed on the witness stand that he had committed attempted murder against Leroy Edwards, the boyfriend of his ex-wife, Cheryl Chisholm. Williamson repeatedly stabbed Edwards with a butcher knife, because he was angry when he learned that Chisholm was actually sleeping with the man!

The Internet Movie Database considers Williamson’s confessed, violent crimes, “trivia.” Confessing to committing attempted murder has not hurt Williamson’s career, in the least.


Mykleti Williamson

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