Friday, May 06, 2016

Who was America’s Champion Serial Killer?

[Re: “Yet Another Black Serial Killer! Lonnie Franklin Jr. is convicted of the Los Angeles “Grim Sleeper” Killings; He is Still Suspected of Up to 250 Murders.”]

By Jerry PDX

I hadn't realized that Lonnie Franklin Jr. is suspected of so many murders. Of course, when it comes to serial killers, tallying the exact numbers of their victims can be difficult. If it is true, it would make Mr. Franklin the most prolific in the US ever. His only other rivals would be: Carl “Coral” Eugene Watts (black man - possibly 100 women); Samuel Little (black man - possibly 100 women, if not many more); Gary Ridgeway (white man - possibly 100 women).

I put “possibly,” because the number of their victims can vary, depending on what source you have. The same is true for Ted Bundy, or any other mobile serial killer. There are the ones who bury the bodies in their homes (e.g., John Wayne Gacy), which makes it easier to estimate their murders but if they kill and move on to another state or city, then it's extremely difficult.

Interesting that three out of four of the most prolific serial killers in the US ever are black men, yet the only one of this group that is known to the general public in America is a white man: Gary Ridgeway/Green River. He is a household name, while Franklin, Watts, and Little are basically unknown to the general public. The mass exposure that Ridgeway received meant that every missing female in the area he operated in is now suspected of being a Green River victim, and since there is virtually no physical evidence tying him to most of those crimes, then it's simply a matter of proximity and M.O. that makes them his victims.

This raises a question: How do you figure out how many victims black serial killers have, since they get so little media exposure compared to white ones? If anyone on this planet had contact with Ted Bundy at any time during their life they will remember, because his face and name are ubiquitous in the media, same with Dahmer or Gacy. How many will remember black serial killers Watts, Little, or Franklin? Some may, but it's going to be a precious few, compared to those notorious white ones. Without the help of the general public, it's no wonder the police have more trouble figuring out how many victims black serial killers have.

Samuel Little was active for over 40 years, and police are still trying to figure out how many women he's killed. He may yet make Franklin look like a piker. It won't be due to our lamestream media, though, which will never sensationalize a black serial killer the way it does white ones.


David In TN said...

Our friend Countenance pointed out that black serial killers benefited from the "quasi-official line" of "there are no black serial killers." In fact, those surfacing in the last 10-12 years have been mostly black.

Anonymous said...

"Snitches get stitches". Yes. It is because blacks will not cooperate with police even when it's their own that are being murdered by other blacks. Also, in watching the few programs the cable shows do about black murderers it is the police who pass up on questioning blacks about a murder or accepting at face value something a black murderer says that allows blacks to roam around murdering at will for years. If police would be as aggressive in their investigations with blacks as they are with Whites maybe the black serial killers would not be able to kill so many people.

Anonymous said...

I thought the multiple shooting that occurred today was caused by a black.Then it was the lead story on Negro Nightly News tonight and found out a Mex did it.No wonder Holt lead off with it.