Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Oh, Those Mexican “Family Values”! Man is Sentenced for Murdering His “Friend,” and Feeding His Penis to His Dog

By Reader-Researcher “W”

At Fox News Latino.


Anonymous said...

jerry pdx


Mass stabbing Massachusets. Arthur Darosa goes on a rampage with a knife a and stabs 6 people, two women die. Yes, he is a black man (knock me over with a feather). No word on if he was targeting whites, the police are calling it "random" (another shocker) but I found one picture that I think is the 80 year old woman he killed and she was white. Police shot him to death, so his name will undoubtedly be added to the Black Lives Matter list.

Does this count as a mass shooting? Even though he used a knife he did as much, if not more, damage as plenty of people with guns do. I think I'd feel perfectly comfortable putting him on a mass shooter list.

Anonymous said...

No comment needed....