Monday, May 16, 2016

So Much for Localism: The Same PC, Upper-Middle-Class Losers Who Killed Off Big-Time Journalism are a Cancer Eating Away at Local Journalism, Which was Supposed to Save the Newspaper Business

By Reader-Researcher BK

This is what passes for 'local journalism' today. See the many narrative and grammatical errors.
Elderly woman attacked by man with tire iron: NYPD
By Madina Toure
Times Ledger
[Undated but presumably published on April 22, 2016]

BEECHHURST — Police were looking for a man who allegedly hit a 77-year-old woman with a tire in the driveway of her Beechhurst home.
At about 10:20 a.m. April 15, the victim parked the vehicle in the driveway in the area of Cryders Lane and 157th Street and the suspect then approached her, knocking on her window asking if she say his lost pet, according to a police spokesman.
He snatched her wallet from her hands and struck her in the face with a tire iron and she was taken to an area hospital for stitches, the spokesman said.
The suspect took $100 and her wallet and fled the scene, the official said.
No arrests have been made and the investigation was ongoing, the spokesman said.

[N.S.: Description of the perp? No? Then, as immortal Chicago Tribune reader Koala Bear would say, the “reporter” is telling us that he was black. See how easy that was?]

Rocco from Bayside says:
Did the woman who was smashed in the face with a tire iron also 'allegedly' get stiches to close her wound at the hospital?

Is this comment as 'abusive or hateful' as what the 'alleged' suspect did to this woman?
April 26, 5:34 pm

walker from queens says:
They are suggesting that she walked into the tire iron. Ooops.
April 27, 8:49 am

I left a comment (before the current one) asking how the man being sought “allegedly” hit a woman in the face with a tire iron, if she was sent to the hospital to get stiches.

[N.S. The word “allegedly” has since been deleted form the story.

I also asked how the suspect was able to “snatch her wallet from her hands” without also entering her car and physically assaulting her again (left out of the narrative).

My last question was why didn’t the reporter provide a description of the suspect, as per her journalistic duty?

My comment was removed. This is the reason why:

Madina Toure [LinkedIn; free registration required.]

I am a graduate of the Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. I received my bachelor's degree in political science and French at Barnard College. I currently work as a general news reporter for the TimesLedger Newspapers in Bayside, Queens covering the neighborhoods of Flushing, College Point, Whitestone and Fresh Meadows.

Generally speaking, I seek to write about groups and neighborhoods that are underrepresented in mainstream media, especially low-income communities and minority groups. My career interests include neighborhood news, community news, international/foreign affairs, public relations and publishing. My subject area interests include education, housing, politics, women’s issues, poverty, religion, diversity, race relations, minority groups and food justice, among others. I am also interested in political and social issues pertaining to minority groups, especially Black and Arab, in France, as well as present-day Francophone countries in Africa. In addition to having reporting and writing skills, I have experience in the areas of audio, photography, video, web design, copy-editing and fact-checking. I also have some graphic design experience.

You can also follow me on social media:

Twitter: @madinatoure
Instagram: @madinatouremedia

N.S.: The young black woman wears her racism on her sleeve, but that did not hurt her in the least, in getting hired. Rather, it helped her. She is also manifestly incompetent. No matter. The neighborhoods where she is “reporting” are a mix of whites, Asians, and Hispanics. Black residents number under 10%. So, why was she hired to cover them? Because she’s an incompetent, black racist, that’s why!

The newsrooms of small community newspapers are full of the graduates of overpriced, private universities (OPUs). Some are wealthy, braindead whites, who got in either on merit, or as alumni or faculty brats, and wealthy, braindead, non-whites, like Madina Toure, who got in via affirmative action.

Twenty-odd years ago, I freelance for Manhattan’s Chelsea Clinton News and Westsider paid weeklies. The two weeklies were founded and published by Robert Trentlyon, an old red, who sold them to real estate mogul Jerry Finkelstein, who was always trying to buy the mayoralty for his son, Andy Stein (who dropped the “Finkel” for professional purposes). Finkelstein owned a string of free weeklies, The Manhattan Spirit, etc., which were run by his man Tom Allon, who filled his newsroom with OPU kids.

Allon advertised for a staffer, and I applied. I had helped win him a state journalism award for Best Opinion Column of a revolving column. I had founded and run my own magazine in the early 1990s, and sent him copies, as well as a stack of clips in national magazines, local dailies, and his own paid weeklies. He tossed the whole thing in the garbage.

When I once submitted an essay to one of Allon’s snooty OPU kids, who was just out of school, the kid never so much as gave me a rejection. He just sat on the manuscript, because spoiled brats like that love to waste people’s time, while helping their talentless cronies.

Fortunately, after reworking the essay several times, and submitting it to several different places, I had the satisfaction of not only seeing it in print, but earning the princely sum of $251.39 (I’m no longer certain about the .39, but I am about the $251.) the essay, about the New York City face wars, was entitled, “If Looks Could Kill.” It ran on Valentine’s Day, 1996, in the magazine, Flatiron News. I’ll have to re-post it.

If the news business is as terrible as it is, it’s because the publishers want it that way.


Anonymous said...

Newspapers and TV news are supposed to be objective--or as Jack Webb used to say,"Just the facts ma'am""
Is it so difficult to tell a news story anymore?I have to relate how last night on WZZM,the anchor told this story...honest to God,this was the story word for word:
"A woman was killed today in an equestrian competition today.The good news is...the horse is doing fine".
Did I just hear that correctly?I was dumbfounded.
Can't I or anyone take bad news?Must death be reported with a comfort pill?
"TORNADO KILLS 10"..."but it could have been worse",is the standard
reporter's otherwards,we were witness to a miracle!!!
The slant of news reporting is either-miracles occur on a daily widespread basis,blacks don't commit crimes(that we'll report),and that basically,everything is fine...don't worry--be happy (while another piece of sanity goes out the window).
Back in the 60s and early 70s when most reporting was considered impartial and the populace was allowed to determine the importance of the story for themselves,examples being the Vietnam War and Watergate..
Those days are long gone.The country is not told the truth,the whole truth and nothing but the truth...because in the words of Col.Jessup:"You can't handle the truth".
But OUR Col.Jessup is the government--in cahoots with the media-- that is deciding what variation of the truth we can hear.
---GR Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Attack of a senior citizen with a tire iron actually probably attempted murder.