Sunday, May 22, 2016

Nazi Smear by Artist: Austrian Freedom Party Presidential Candidate Norbert Hofer, Who is Favored to Win Today’s Election, and Who Opposes Genocide, is Therefore Genocidal


“FPÖ-Spitzenkandidat Norbert Hofer jubelt in der Wahlzentrale seiner Partei” Translation: FPA presidential candidate Norbert Hofer celebrates at the election Central of his party. (Like Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, 52, Hofer, 45, is calling for building a border fence.)

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

Note that political observers, many of them outraged, now say that Hofer, who has run on behalf of ordinary Austrians against the elites seeking to destroy the country through Islamic "migrants," is poised to win today’s election. Sound familiar?


Anonymous said...

Better yet, with his limbs akimbo, his cartoon caricature looks like a swastika.

An accident?

Surely not. - Prince George's County Ex-Pat

Anonymous said...

Nations like Hungary, Austria, Slovenia have small populations. And cannot and do not want to add to the numbers with outsiders.